Whether you run a retail store, an online shop, or you represent a pharmaceutical company, pretty soon you may find that your inventory is taking up a lot of space. A brick and mortar store may not have enough room in back. The owner of a home business may find their craft room or office piling up with sales items. And a pharmaceutical representative may have a similar problem with sample drugs taking up room.

Auburn Blvd. Mini Stor Self storage provides the obvious solution. Rent a unit with us and keep your inventory safe and out of your way. Our rates are low, and we can help you get in quickly with an affordable rental truck. We require no up-front deposits or fees, and even provide a free disk lock for every unit you rent. Also, it’s good to know that self storage rents for less per square foot than residential or commercial space. So, instead of moving into a bigger home or moving your store to a larger building, and confusing your customers, simply expand your space with a storage unit.

We recommend using plastic, airtight containers for your items, and make sure everything is dry before putting it in storage.

In addition, ask us about getting your orders delivered to your unit. One of the major conveniences of using storage for your business is that you don’t need to have your inventory shipped to your shop or home. Instead, you can have it dropped off with us, and we can put it in your unit for you. We can also help with installing shelves in your unit to make it easier to stack and access your products.